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There are a few frequently asked questions that people often bring to us regarding this website. While we have done our best to answer them here, we understand that this section is not a comprehensive guide to our government and the political process. For this reason, if you need more information, or if you have any other questions regarding our work, please feel free to email our office at info@lafamilyforum.org. We will gladly help you in any way we can.

[1.] Does Louisiana Family Forum Action support any of the candidates currently running for office?
No. While Louisiana Family Forum Action does believe very strongly in promoting strong, family-oriented legislation, and that voters should elect candidates they feel will stand up for those same values, we do not endorse any candidate over another.

[2.] How do I find my Senate and House races?
This website is designed to help you find the candidates whose values most closely mirror your own.

If you would like to browse all the candidates listed in this voters guide, simply click the navigation button that reads, "View Races" on the lefthand side.

If you would rather locate the specific candidates that you can expect to see on your ballot this election, click on the "My Races" button, and give us your name and address; we will use this information to locate your specific State Senate and House districts.

After that, click on the links for House, Senate, and Statewide races; they will take you to a list of candidates, where you will be able to review and print candidates' answers to our questionnaires.

[3.] Some of my candidates have already served in public office. Is there any way I can find out how they have voted in the past?
Yes. To see how your elected officials serving in the State House and Senate voted, just click on the navigation button reading, "Score Card." It will take you to a list of state legislators, where you will be able to see in very plain terms how your officials voted on key legislation in our state.

[4.] I've entered my address, but the site won't tell me who my candidates will be this election. What should I do?
For starters, try double-checking your address to ensure you did not accidentally misspell a word. Next, check your street name in the "Re-type Street Name and Suffix" boxes. If your street name might have alternate spellings or abbreviations, try those.

For example: try typing "HWY 61" instead of "Highway 61" or "Saint Charles" instead of "St. Charles."

If that doesn't work, try double-checking that your street's suffix is listed correctly.

If these changes are not helpful, contact our office at info@lafamilyforum.org.

[5.] When I view comments from candidates, I see 23 questions, not 16. Why?
The original Louisiana Family Forum voter guide survey consisted of 23 questions we asked candidates. However, upon review we learned that these seven questions: Questions 2,8,9,13,14,20,23 were either vague and misunderstood or too broad and open to confusion for candidates to be able to answer definitely. For that reason, and because of the limitations in laying out the printable version of the voter guide, LFF chose to discard these seven questions from the final version of the guide. In reviewing comments, if you run across any questions and answers not appearing elsewhere on our website or in our printed materials, we ask that you to understand they are not necessarily accurate reflections of the candidates' views.